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Office:  213.439.9026

Cell:     213.509.4109

Fax:     213.439.9030

445 South Figueroa Street

Suite 2950

Los Angeles, California 90071

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Field Experience

(213) 439-9026

Timothy T. Williams, Jr.

Analysis of each shot fired to determine

if the shots followed established

policies & procedures.

is an over twenty-nine year retired Senior Detective Supervisor from the Los Angeles Police Department, last assigned to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division.  Unlike some Police Procedure experts whose experience is often only on the supervisory/patrol levels, Mr. Williams' expertise draws upon actual experience in patrol, investigations, supervision and administration.


Mr. Williams is able to read reports with a trained eye, identify the core and subtle nuances and discrepancies that become critical issues for succesful representation.  His reports are thorough, concise, and his findings are supported by the required policies and procedures.  His expertise include the ability to recommend appropriate discovery requests and identify additional subject matter experts to facilitate insightful expert findings.


Mr. Williams' reports, testimony and depositions have resulted in million dollar settlements, new law enforcement policy implemented in a civil rights matter and cases resulting in aquittals in criminal matters.

Will analyze tactics used by law enforcement

to determine excessive force.

Focus on proper patrol & investigative procedures along with the established

industry standards & practices. 

Areas of Expertise

Know Your Expert 

A Truly Qualified Expert Can Mean the Difference.

During his tenure with the Los Angeles

Police Department, Mr. Williams completed

over twenty-six years of various detective assignments.

Owner, CEO of T.T. Williams, Jr.,

Investigations, Inc.



A solid reputation in report writing, professionalism and investigative experience makes Mr. Williams

a proven credible expert witness.  Elements of a case that may have been overlooked

are often brought to light due to his meticulous review and analysis.

2019 Fee Schedule

We Accept Major Credits.  Processing Fee Will  Apply.

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